Hi, I’m Pravash.

I am an Internet Marketer from Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan kingdom. I was born here but I have never seen Mount Everest live with my eyes.

This is not the first time I am writing something. I tried few times in past 4 years and I failed every time. I couldn’t just write another blog post except the first one. It’s my fault; my laziness, lacking focus what ever you can say.

But I still do read a lot of blogs about SEO and Internet Marketing everyday.

Back Again! Why?

During the period between my last post and this post, I experienced lots of ups and downs. I failed, not once, not twice, not thrice but a lot of times; but in the end I gained the experiences and confidence. Right now, what you are reading is my experience of failures and success.

Quick Background:

I hold a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, which I think, has a teeny-tiny contribution in what I am doing now. During my last year of college, I joined a company as a web designer and then switched few more companies with in the next 3 years.

keep-calm-because-this-is-bullshitI was not smart enough to be a programmer (seriously) but I tried couple of times (at least) and finally I gave up the idea. I always had this doubt that programmers are better than designers. I was wrong! No matter what you do if you are an expert in that field, you can always make a way out. I couldn’t be one but you can.

Another sad story to add is my designing skills, which sucked big time then and even today. I tried hard to design better websites but flopped BIG TIME. Then I realized I don’t have what it takes to be a designer.

I discovered the term “Internet Marketing” and then jumped from blogs to blogs and from forum to forum until one day I got my first personal website online.

Within a month after my site was live, I got my first lead. Some guy from Turkey wanted my CSS/XHTML services. May be I had my lucky stars or something but he mentioned he found me via Google. I started doing some freelancing for abroad clients as a part time.

I got few more clients via forum and then finally made the biggest decision of my life.

I decided to QUIT my job and start on MY OWN.

After that there is no looking back!

I can still make some fixes on my own with design and codes (a bit here and a bit there) and thanks to all those experiences I gained during those days.

Lesson learned: Any skills that you learned in the past will come to your rescue some day.

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Big Problem and Sad Truth:

I started my self-employed career when there was more than 14 hours of load shedding in Nepal. I had no power backup and my Internet back then was a dial up with 128kps speed.

But the passion inside me kept me going.

Then I realized what I needed to keep pushing myself. Internet speed that is reliable and a power backup. I did what was needed.

Update: Hurray! We do not have any more load shedding here. Thanks to Mr. Kulman Ghising.

Hello World! Welcome to Internet Marketing

I actually started making money with Internet Marketing from 2013. Now, I invest most of my time in IM.

I make decent revenue with my Internet Marketing skills. Also, now I have an awesome team who brings my ideas to life.

Through this blog, I will share what I’m learning. I am hopeful that I can help you with Internet Marketing and SEO with my blog.

– Pravash

Updated Dec 21, 2016