Day 1: Getting more into Drop shipping

Day 1:

I actually planned to work on Merch from today but I ended with learning about Facebook advertisement and Drop shipping instead.

Slowly started with fitness routine. I need to take it slow now and then go hard slowly with time.

Still glad that I got started.

I have been following some courses and tutorials about Facebook advertising and Drop shipping from some weeks before. Today, I went through all of them because I want to start ASAP.

Worst thing of the day, my Facebook ad account was flagged for policy violations and I can’t seem to fix it. So, I had to create another Facebook account just to test out with the advertisement but fb had some other plans. The payment options got disabled and they asked for the verification.

Finally, I ended up with creating a 3rd Facebook account. I somehow managed to make the payment options work for the personal account but struggled to make it work for the Business account. What ever details Facebook asked was provided.

Update: The payment option for the personal account didn’t work as well and I ended up filling a form and also submitted my driving license for verification. 

Hopefully, I will be able to use it from tomorrow.

Created a demo Shopify store and played around with the features. I am not a new user of Shopify. Years back we were designing Magento/Magento Go themes and selling them through our websites.  That was when I came to know about Shopify and it was on my to do list. To design some cool Shopify themes and sell them.

But that never happened!

Shopify is not a problem?

You can say that I am very familiar with e-commerce platforms because that is something I use for myself and my clients every day. And that gives me confident that I won’t have much of the troubles to face with Shopify when I finally have the store ready.

But why knows?  For now let’s give it 50-50

Book? Haven’t started it yet.

Looking ahead for the 2nd day to learn more.