” The expert at anything was once a beginner “

When i first started, i was clueless and confused. I was a noob! But i always believed that one day i will make it.

I don’t have an interesting story but i have experience with hard times during my journey, which may help you save some money, time and a lot of headaches.

The best part of internet is there  are lots of tools and resources available for free to start with. So, I decided to put my favorite resources all together in one place because it is time consuming and difficult to find them all in one place.

Don’t forget to shout me back if you find something interesting for you. I can include them to the list 😉

List of Blogs that i follow


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Private Blog Network (PBN) Tutorials

Case Studies:

I love case studies. Reads like these motivates me to carry on with my journey.