SEO Services in Nepal

Tired of using SEO services with lots of broken promises? Frustrated because your hard earned money that you invested in SEO is not bringing in any results?

That’s one obvious reason why you are here!

I build links that will actually “moves the needle” and bring in more targeted traffic for your site.

Let’s get started with this.

What will you get?

  • A complete on page and off page audit
  • Powerful backlinks
  • Growth in Organic Traffic
  • Regular reporting

On page and Off page Audit:

I will do a complete on page and off page audit of your website. Identify your powerful and low performing pages and suggest you with a list of changes that can benefit your site with higher traffic.

Content Creating Ideas:

If you understand the power of great content then you know how important your content can be in the SEO strategy. I will identify those best performing content of your competitors and suggest you the possible way we can create something similar or better than it.

Not only that, I will come up with different content ideas that you can actually implement on your site. These contents are something that people might find interesting to link to.

Link Building Services:

My way of building links is a pretty simple process but just the way big Google and other search engines want it to be.

I build links only with white hat methods that is mostly outreaching to the sites that will find your content interesting. If you lack the content or don’t have any clue about it, I will simply suggest you with ideas and have it created. Then manually build a list of targets (sites), which might be interested to present it to their audience.

Putting up the whole process into quick simple:

  1. Linkable content
  2. Find targets
  3. Outreach
  4. Build Backlinks
  5. Regular Transparent Report

Linkable Content:

Do you have linkable assets on your site? Something that people would be interested to link to?


Then I will work around and suggest you what can be created and added to your site. Having a linkable content make the whole thing easy.

Find targets:

Targets are the list of people who might be interested in your content. In simple terms they will be happy to link back to you.

I create a list of targets that will be more than happy to put your content in the face of their audience.


Once the target lists are ready, I manually reach out to them, telling them about your wonderful piece of content. This mostly results in posting a piece of content to their blogs, which will link back to your linkable content on your site.

Generally, there are two contents.

1) The linkable content that you have on your site
2) The piece of content that I will post on the target list that will link back to to your site.

Build Links:

The steps and the process explained in the step 3 will bring you awesome backlinks from sites that are closely related to your industry.

You site will benefit through the backlinks that will boost your keywords ranking on the SERP, while the content posted on those site will send you referral traffic. Referral traffics are those who people who are highly interest in your product and services.

Regular Transparent Report:

All of my process and progress will be added in a report during the real time.

The report can be accessed by you and only you at anytime you want.

You can’t call me at 11:30 pm at night and ask me for the report but you can access that report right away.

Each set of actions I perform under your SEO plan will be updated in the report.

Who can benefit from my service?

Not everyone can use my services.

But you can take reap benefits from my services if

  • You are a small to mid business that wants to increase your organic traffic.
  • You can generate enough content for the outreach campaign. Create something that can attract people to link to you.
  • Do not believe that “cheap SEO” do exist.
  • You can think outside the box and actually afford content and link building strategy. This includes adding new piece of interesting contents on your site as well as investing on link building.

Some FAQ

Below is the list of some frequently asked questions that I thought of including in this page:

Are your methods White Hat? Is it safe?

Of course! My methods are white hats and loved by Google. I focus on performing actions that will keep your website for a long long time in the search engine.

Do you offer Social Media marketing with SEO?

No! I do not provide any kind of Social media marketing with this SEO package.

Can you guarantee to put me on the first page of Google?

First, I can’t guarantee and anyone who understands SEO can’t do it as well!

How long will it take to reach there?

I can’t tell you right now. But after a period of some months you can clearly see the progress, which will result in the growth of your organic traffic. Pushing your site to page 1 is not impossible, I have done it a lot of times for my clients.

My friend is also an SEO expert in Nepal, and he also builds backlinks. How are you different?

We both do similar things. We build links. S/he just builds links; I build powerful links that actually works with SEO.

How do you define linkable content?

Something that is interesting and informative. The piece of content should answer the questions that people are searching for.

For e.g.: I wrote a post on “How to earn money in Nepal” brings in lots of targeted traffic for me.

What if I don’t see results?

If you don’t see any increment on your traffic or any improvement on your keywords after 5 months then I will be more than happy to offer you a refund, which has NEVER, happened so far!

Sounds Good?

Let’s Talk! 👍